let.tus / let-is / noun


: a student collective established at CED, fall of 2019

: a cross between a grassroot movement and a vertical studio.

: disciplinary composition of landscape architecture, historic

  preservation, and urban planning

Ongoing Projects

Town Hall +

Student Report

Project Captain

Felipe Barrantes, MLA '21

Lettus surveyed students in January 2020, and hosted a town hall in February 2020.


We are currently working on a report to document all that.  


Lettus Talk

Project Captains

Saba Serkhel, MUPD'21

Brett Conn, MUPD'21

Lettus Talk is a podcast spawned from the clever minds at Lettus Collective, fueled by the need to speak on topics often censored or overlooked within CED's three disciplines: Urban Planning, Historic Preservation, and Landscape Architecture.

The Virtual

Crit Room

Project Captain

Lynn Abdouni, PhD '21

With COVID19, design instruction has changed for the foreseeable future. This is a disruption but also an opportunity.

The VCR is an online space for project discussion, critique and celebration.

The College Ave Plaza

Project Captain

Whitney Barr, MLA '21

August 2020 was an eventful month: the Confederate monument at the intersection of College Ave and Broad St was taken down. Elsewhere, ACC Mayor's office decided to temporarily close off a section of College Ave and reserve it for pedestrian traffic. Lettus is supporting AADM in harnessing this opportunity to reimagine College Ave.

CED Collegiate Council

Project Captain

Hadden Powell, BLA '22

CED houses 5 programs in 3 different buildings. Each program has its own professional silo. This is a project to create a united, de-siloed, and streamlined league of CED student representatives.

Missed Connections

Project Captain

Seth Boles, MHP '21

This is an interactive lego installation coming to CED Spring of 2021.